There’s something mystic that makes outdoor music festivals so unique. Yet while there is a magical experience waiting for those attending, are you on the preparation side of everything? Music festivals, after all, are often large in scale, spanning many days and attracting huge crowds. But if you take a shortcut, all these variables may affect a lot of attendees, and your event’s performance may be a disappointment. So, now you probably wonder how to organize a festival music successfully.

Find out below as we discuss the many features of music festival and recognize some of the mistakes you might make while organizing one.

Mistake 1. Having only a small range of food options

While the food is not the main issue on the list of reasons why people are attending music festivals, it cannot be ignored. Especially when a festival is a full-day or crossing multiple days events.

In a festival music event try to deliver a variety of hot and cold, healthy and less healthy meals and make sure the food is conveniently eatable.

Dietary requirements

Event catering will meet all the dietary requirements. So consider having a variety of one or more vegetarian, vegan, dairy-free and gluten-free food trucks. Depending on the type of event management company for a music festival in Dubai, you will find that demographics need more of these choices, so try to gather this information while designing the planning stage for your attendee’s profiles to better cater to them.

Mistake 2. Not taking steps to prevent heatstroke

Throughout the warm summer months, festivals are so popular, and heatstroke is a common concern. There are two main factors for avoiding heat stroke, is to provide shade and water access.

Mistake 3. Understaffing your event

Staff provides a huge contribution to a music festival’s overall success. So, if you are wondering how to schedule a music festival and feel well-supported and catered to concert attendees at all times then you should focus on getting your staffing levels right.

Mistake 4. Having a large carbon footprint

Because of their size, music festivals produce massive amounts of waste, and your event can end up with a large carbon footprint without any forethought. Fortunately, you can make sure you schedule an event that is sustainable and not just an amazing one.

Mistake 5. Poor planning of music acts

We know you understand that organizing event management for a music concert is much more than just scheduling enough stages for acts to perform on. Allowing enough space between stages is very significant, and paying attention to sound direction preparation so that each can be heard if there is more than one act playing at a time. A music festival is a mesmerizing experience, and one band’s fan will not appreciate hearing his favorite song disturbed by sounds of another nearby act.

Mistake 6. Trying to cut corners on AV

Going to a music festival is all about the audio and visual experience. You have to take care of AV (Audio Visual) if you are wondering how to plan a music festival. Nevertheless, It’s the ideal opportunity to enjoy as many of the senses as possible. You will be disappointed if you encounter any interruptions to performance, such as the sound will not travel far enough or the quality is poor. And the last thing you want is to dissatisfy a raving fan!

Mistake 7. Using unreliable equipment

How to schedule a music festival and prevent the mistake of using unreliable equipment? After all, planning an outdoor music festival involves so much equipment. Think about it. To name a few, you need staging, AV gear, lighting rigging and sources of power generation. If every piece of equipment doesn’t run smoothly and if your strategy for power generation isn’t enough, you’ll be in a world of pain.

Mistake 8. Being negligent with public property

Just because your festival is being held outdoors, it doesn’t mean that you can forget to take care of the venue. In some cases, even the grass you are walking on will have to be protected. It may be the last thing on your mind, but if you want to plan a music festival, it is necessary to find ways to leave the venue the way you have found it.


Like most events, organizing a music festival down to the finest specifics is important to ensure that it goes off without a hitch and that the guests have an enjoyable time. Above all, when deciding how a music festival can be organized, you need to make sure you have enough facilities, enough staff and your AV is bigger than life.