The world certainly still remembers Salvator Mundi, a painting of ‘Jesus’ which is said to be the work of Leonardo da Vinci. Two years ago, the painting sold for $450 million

He also called the world’s most expensive painting.

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After being sold at a fantastic price, the existence of Salvator Mundi was “mysterious.” Until finally, one of the art brokers in London, Kenny Schachter conveyed information to Artnews that ‘The Jesus’ was now ‘sailing’ with the Arab Prince.

The painting was displayed on a luxury cruise ship owned by Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

Quoting the NY Times, who bought the painting in November 2017 at the auction house Christie is a prince who truly represents the crown prince.

The 500-year-old painting was reportedly given to Mohammed bin Zayed, the prince of Abu Dhabi, so that it can be exhibited at the Louvre Museum in Abu Dhabi. But in September 2018, the exhibition was postponed until an unspecified time.

Salvator Mundi was also promised as a loan to the Louvre Museum in Paris for an exhibition that was opened to commemorate 500 years of da Vinci’s death. However, again it was canceled. The painting was pulled from the exhibition, then unknown jungle.

Until finally he was on display on the cruise ship ‘Serene’ owned by prince son of King Salman.

The ship itself is not currently anchored. On May 26, according to Bloomberg ships, the 133-meter-long vessel sailed in the Red Sea from Sharm el-Sheikh, an Egyptian resort on the Sinai Peninsula.

Reported by Channel News Asia, the painting will remain there until it is transferred to the Al-Ula administrative area which is planned to be transformed into a tourist and cultural destination, or referred to as “art-based Disneyland,” by Saudi Arabia.