Lover’s song from Taylor Swift’s latest album titled the same soon reaped success since its release on Friday (23/8). So far, Swift’s seventh album has sold 450 thousand copies on its first day.

In the album, there are 18 songs including four that have been released as promo singles, namely ME!, You Need To Calm Down, The Archer, and Lover. Not only collaborating with Brendon Urie from Panic! At The Disco, Swift also invited Dixie Chicks in Soon You’ll Get Better. Swift has long been a fan of the country music trio. Launch CNN, Lover is strongly suspected not only featuring Brendon Urie and Dixie Chicks.

In the song London Boy, there was a narration before the song intro that said, “We can go driving on my scooter … You know, just round London,” with a very thick British accent.

Initially, fans suspected the narration was voiced by Swift’s lover, British actor Joe Alwyn. But shortly after Lover was officially released, it was learned that the voice was owned by actor and DJ Idris Elba, Swift’s colleague in the musical Cats.

Swift fans who then traced the origin of the sound, found that the narration was taken from the talk show The Late Late Show with James Corden, who presented Elba in March 2017. In the video, Elba and Corden are discussing their plan to take part in an auction for the W.E charity. Can Lead, an organization that supports girls in Sierra Leone and in West Africa to gain knowledge.

At 2:40 minutes, Elba was heard answering, “Uh … We can go driving on my scooter … You know, just round London,” just like the narration in London Boy. The statement was immediately welcomed by Corden who also became one of the performers of the Cats by saying, “Oh, I’d love a ride on your scooter.”

In the London Boy audio, if listened to very carefully, Swift even heard laughter, right before the song intro.

Veteran soloist Bruce Springsteen is also mentioned in this song, in which Swift claimed he was a fan of Springsteen. “I love my hometown, as much as Motown, I love SoCal. And you know I love Springsteen, faded blue jeans, Tennessee whiskey,” he said.

Meanwhile, the song I Forgot That You Existed is believed to be inspired by Kanye West, who has been in trouble with Swift since 2009. At that time, Swift was receiving the MTV Video Music Awards trophy and was about to give a thank you speech, when West suddenly went on stage and snatched the mic from Swift’s hand.

Through the mic, West said that according to him, the trophy should have been given to Beyonce Knowles with the song Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It). “Yo Taylor, I’m very happy for you, I’ll let you finish [the speech], but Beyonce has one of the best music videos of all time. One of the best videos of all time!” he said, before giving the mic back to Swift who at that time could only be silent watching West’s action.

I Forgot That You Existed has lyrics about the negative public perspective of a feud. In one section, Swift said, “Lived in the shade you were throwin ‘,’ til all of my sunshine was gone, gone, gone.”

In addition, the same song also touched Drake, because Swift sang the lyrics, “And I couldn’t get away from me, in my feelings more than Drake, so yeah, your name on my lips, tongue-tied, free rent, living in my mind. “

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio gets a similar ‘honor’. In The Man, Swift wrote, “And they would toast to me, oh, let the players play, I’d be just like Leo in Saint-Tropez,” referring to the DiCaprio vacation in 2016. The holiday was the talk because DiCaprio was caught on camera not in his best appearance.

Album Lover is predicted to be very easy to occupy the topnotch position on the Billboard 200 on 7 September with the acquisition forecast to reach 700 thousand copies of sales as of 29 August. That figure also came from the sale of digital albums that were synchronized with physical, equivalent album units and streaming equivalent album units.