The big project of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS), a museum called the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures, will be late.

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The last plan, the museum will open this year, at least before the 92nd Academy Awards or Oscar 2020 was held. But now the schedule has changed again.

This is not the first setback. The museum that was first initiated in 2012 was supposed to open in 2017. The manufacturing cost was predicted at US $ 250 million.

But the opening of the museum continued to be delayed. While the manufacturing costs continue to soar. Now, citing The Hollywood Reporter, the museum has a budget of US $ 388 million.

According to an AMPAS spokesman who is also an Oscar organizer, the ongoing delay was caused by the construction of one of the icons that would be large. The construction was also difficult, considering that it was done in an old building that was once the May Co. shopping center. on the Miracle Mile.

“The intention of the Academy Museum is to create a unique and unparalleled experience,” the spokesman began his statement on Thursday (6/20) yesterday.

“To achieve this, a very complex development effort is needed. Renovating the LA building from 1939, building round structures requiring 1,500 glass dome panels and combining them together to create a spectacular 2.7-hectare exhibition and public space.”

AMPAS then targets, the construction will be completed at least next year, but has not yet determined the opening date.