Legendary horror film maker John Carpenter is said to be writing a comic about Batman’s mortal enemy, Joker.

This was announced directly by DC Comics. Carpenter, who gave his golden touch in the Halloween film, is sure to join the Year of the Villain series, by writing a one-shot comic, or removable comic.

The story of the Joker is scheduled for release on 9 October. The illustrations are held by Philip Tan and Marc Deering.

NME reported, Carpenter planned to write the comic with Anthony Burch, an old colleague who had worked together with Carpenter in the Big Trouble In Little China comic: Old Man Jack. In 1986, this comic was made into a film and starred Kurt Russell.

“The Joker is the best enemy in the comics,” said Carpenter, rumored to be working on two of Halloween’s latest sequels, as well as acting as a music composer for the two films.

“This latest comic puts the Joker on a mission to regain his arrogance in a world that is already bad enough to get rid of everyone. He proves that the greatest crime is always what makes them laugh,” he said again.

These days it seems that DC Comics is featuring a Joker character with a darker depiction. The upcoming Joker movie that will feature Joaquin Phoenix also gets an R rating, aka children must be accompanied by an adult while watching it. That is, there is adult content in the film.

The Joker film also became the first Batman live-action action to get an R rating.

Previously, director Joker Todd Phillips revealed he would not follow the plot as in the comics. In fact, according to him, he will ‘disappoint’ fans who expect Joker action similar to the DC Comics series comics in 1975-1976.

Phillips chose to determine for himself the Joker storyline. “We wrote our own version of where a man like Joker might have come from. That was interesting to me. We didn’t work on the Joker, but the story of how the Joker became a Joker,” he said.