With the swimsuit gaining more and more popularity, many women are opting to change from their usual holiday bikini to a one-piece. Which camp do you fall into in the big ‘bikini versus swimsuit’ debate, and do you really need to choose one over the other?

Swimsuit Pros

Due to the current popular trend in one-piece swimming costumes, many women (even die-hard bikini fans) are admitting to converting to swimsuits. There are many reasons why a swimsuit may be better than a bikini, including:

  • A wider range of choice in styles, colour, and prints that are bigger and better than ever.
  • Swimsuits are much more practical to wear for activities such as jet-skiing, boating, and beach volleyball, as it stays in place much better with vigorous movement.
  • Swimsuits are much more practical for mothers with small children considering the amount of running, carrying, playing in the sand, and tugging from small hands they are involved in. Bikinis are more suitable for uninterrupted tanning on a sun lounger.
  • Swimsuits are much better at hiding any pale and wobbly little bits you may have after a long winter.
  • Some swimsuit brands have built-in tummy and bottom control in the design that are great if you are feeling self-conscious about those areas.

However, there is definitely nothing dowdy or unfashionable about a swimsuit and you should not choose a one-piece just for practical reasons. A swimsuit can look ultra-chic and sophisticated, especially for those from Coco Bay and similar places, and the more fashionable styles are not only suitable for wearing at the beach or poolside, but will also work well for a day out to a beach club with the simple addition of a stylish sarong.

Bikini Pros

Even with the current stiff competition from the swimsuit, the bikini still remains a huge favourite. Here are some of the reasons why bikinis are so popular:

  • Although it can be intimidating, there is no denying that there is something very liberating about exposing your body to the sun on holiday after being tucked away for most of the year.
  • Another great advantage of a bikini is that the tanning potential is greatly increased, and while we always advocate safe and sensible tanning, giving most parts of your body time in the sunshine will give you a healthy glow that will make you look and feel great in your other outfits.
  • Bikinis dry out quicker after a dip in the sea or pool.
  • Many brands offer a mix-and-match choice giving you the opportunity to choose the top and bottom that suits your unique shape best.
  • Bikini tops are excellent if you need a little extra boost, support, or shaping.
  • Bikini styles with tie sides, roll tops, and belted bottoms all help you set off your shape to the best advantage.

Many people believe (wrongly) that there should be some kind of cut-off age when women are expected to transition gracefully from wearing a bikini to a swimsuit. This, of course, is nonsense, as all women should have the right to wear whatever style they feel comfortable in without having to worry about what others may think.

Bikini Vs Swimsuit – The Conclusion

Trying to find a definitive answer to the debate on whether the bikini or swimsuit is better is like asking to pick a favourite child. It just can’t be done! If you feel a bikini is right for you, then great – wear it! If, on the other hand, you feel that a one-piece makes you feel more comfortable and stylish, then a swimsuit is for you. The important thing is not to feel obliged to wear one or another for some reason such as being more fashionable.

We believe that taking one piece of swimwear on holiday is like taking just one outfit to wear to all occasions. Investing in a few different styles of swimwear will allow you to choose what to wear based on your activities, your mood, or the location. Choose styles that suit you and make you feel your best and you will enjoy your holiday much more.