art and entertainmentWhere creativity and talent thrive. Artwork and entertainment, in my opinion, are separate qualities, and any piece of music, movie, or play (or poem, portray, pop tune, jazz performance, sculpture, dance, or graphic novel) might be both, both, or maybe even neither. The majority of listeners who name themselves followers of artists solely know lyrics to high singles and do not take the time to hear via total albums.

A&E District managing organizations have received multiple ArtPlace America and National Endowment for the Arts Our Town grants, probably the most competitive grants for the arts and artistic placemaking in the nation, and lately has established an unparalleled partnership with the European Union Nationwide Institutes of Culture.

I could go on with the score game, and say that Bruce Springsteen’s album Nebraska is tremendously inventive, and never entertaining in any respect, and that, in Götterdämmerung, the scene for Hagen and Alberich is a comparative low ebb, given Wagner’s customary Dream Catcher Art, for each art and entertainment, but that Hagen’s name to the vassals rates high on each counts.